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Your top-of-the-range private-driven car journeys in Geneva in a limousine

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Spacious vehicles at your disposal

vtc geneve berline mercedes classe E


from 1 to 3 passengers
from 1 to 3 luggage
Mercedes E or similar

vtc geneve berline mercedes classe S


from 1 to 3 passengers
from 1 to 3 luggage
Mercedes S or similar

vtc geneve berline mercedes classe V

Van - Limousine

from 1 to 6 passengers
from 1 to 6 luggage
Mercedes V or similar

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Chauffeur-driven CAB in Geneva

With our private transport company in Geneva, you benefit from top-of-the-range transport and an unrivalled experience.

Travelling in such comfort completely changes the way of travelling. You no longer have to put up with traffic, but instead, you take full advantage of the time to relax, have fun or even meet your business partners.

Leather seats, impeccable cleanliness, a choice of music, drinks, Wi-Fi, plenty of space – that’s it, you are in a vehicle from Réserver VTC Genève.

Indeed, our limousines and minibuses in Geneva have all the comfort you need for a luxurious journey.

Do you need something extra like a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne, rose petals or anything else? Just ask us and we will do our utmost to find the best products.

We tend to think that this type of transport is reserved for an elite. But that’s not the case, because our transport company offers prices that are affordable to as many people as possible.

With several types of vehicle, we also offer several ranges. Furthermore, you can find out the price of a private-driven car, an alternative cab in Geneva, in just a few clicks.

100% affordable, 100% transparent.

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The best private-driven car service in Geneva

Offering a top-of-the-range private driver transport service requires the best vehicles and excellent drivers. This is the only way we can provide a service that is unrivalled in Geneva and Switzerland.

The combination of prestige vehicles and carefully selected drivers ensures a consistent high quality service.

A private chauffeur is not just an expert driver. As well as knowing his vehicle and its limits inside out, he also has the essential human qualities to make your journey a unique experience.

Your chauffeur is the person who guarantees your safety on board and in the vicinity of the vehicle. He is also someone you can trust. His discretion is unfailing.

Every customer is unique, and every transport assignment has its own particularities. That s why we have developed a range of transport services. They are adapted to the most popular requests.

However, the list is not exhaustive and we can set up tailor-made services to meet your needs.

See all our private driver transport services in Geneva

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Go wherever you want with a private driver, to or from Geneva

Trajet toutes distances vtc geneve

To travel wherever you want, you need a reliable partner with a vehicle capable of transporting you on short or long distance.

Likewise, the private-driven car and its chauffeur must be available day and night, including Sundays and public holidays. Our service is therefore available 24/7.

Geneva is a real crossroads for Western Europe, not only in terms of roads but also in terms of finance. It is a city on the move, and a city where people are on the move too. For you, our private chauffeurs will drive you around Geneva in their limousines.

Whether you want to get to Grand-Saconnex airport, Cornavin station, the university hospitals or party in Geneva’s biggest nightclubs, we always have a driver available to drive you there.

After your stay in Geneva or while preparing a trip from Geneva, you may need to travel to another city or another country. Our transport authorisations allow us to take you anywhere in Europe.

With our service, you can travel to Annecy, Lyon, Zurich, Strasbourg or any other city of your choice.

With more than 17 million travellers in 2019, Geneva international airport is one of the main gateways to and from the “world city”. It is easily accessible by car or minibus, just a few minutes from the city centre.

We have decided to offer you a special limousine shuttle service to Geneva airport and all other airports.

Our airport cab transfer service is not exclusive to Geneva. Indeed, we serve all airports in Switzerland, as well as in France, Germany and Italy.

So, we are your first or last partner on your journey. We make sure that you arrive at the airport stress-free and that you leave relaxed. All across Europe.

The strength of our airport chauffeur service is that it allows you to travel alone or in a group, and always in unrivalled conditions of comfort. Depending on the number of people you are, we provide one or more specially adapted vehicles.

We have sedans, limousines and even minibuses for transporting bulky luggage, for example. Your pets are of course welcome on board.

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Airport shuttle with a private driver

vtc geneve aeroport transport voyageur
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Station transfers with a private driver

navette transport geneve train gare

Are you arriving at the station and looking for a private chauffeur service? Our station service is specially designed for this purpose. Our drivers will be waiting for you with a sign bearing your name or directly at the location arranged by phone.

We provide vehicles adapted to your needs, particularly in terms of luggage and car seats for children.

To get to or from Geneva-Cornavin station, you have the choice of calling on our private cab drivers. This is the most prestigious form of transport in Geneva, and you would be wrong not to take advantage of it.

When you arrive at the station, you will find your driver holding a sign with your name on it. If you have any difficulty finding him, you can contact him on the number provided after your booking. Our drivers anticipate delays or early arrivals to ensure they are always available, whatever the situation with your train.

You can leave your luggage to your driver who will handle them and help you arrive at your destination in top condition.

The availability of a chauffeur with limousine is an exclusive service designed to provide you with a 100% tailor-made transport service.

In this service, you have a private chauffeur and his vehicle at your disposal for a pre-determined period of time. So you can go wherever you want without worrying about mileage, which is the usual way of billing.

The availability is similar to hiring a limousine in Geneva. The service is available from Geneva. But you can also go to business meetings or to clubs in and around the city.

You can do as you please with your chauffeur and his vehicle, within the limits of the law.

For even more customised rentals, please contact us to let us know your requirements.

If you are wondering whether you should book online or ask for a quote, here are some answers.

If your journey involves several stages, ask for a quote for an availability service. Similarly, if during your journey you want to make a stopover lasting a few dozen minutes, it would be more appropriate to arrange for an availablility service.

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mise a disposition vtc geneve suisse
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A private driver for shuttle services to ski resorts in Geneva

navette vtc geneve vers stations de ski

People sometimes arrive in Geneva specifically to go to a ski resort in the Alps, or take advantage of a stay there to go skiing or tobogganing.

With Réserver VTC Genève, you have a partner to take you to the mountains in optimum safety conditions. We serve all the ski resorts in the Alps and Jura, in Switzerland as well as in France and Italy.

The advantage of our transport company is that we have a wide range of minibuses that are perfectly suited to giving you the space you need to take your ski equipment with you.

So, in addition to your suitcases, you can take your skis on board, whether you are travelling alone or with a group.

Mountain roads in winter can be stressful for some people and make others sick. Our drivers are aware of these problems and anticipate them by driving gently and carefully.

Moreover, all our vehicles are fitted with suitable tyres in winter, and safety devices such as brakes are checked on a daily basis. Safety first and foremost.

Geneva is not only a dynamic city, it is also a city of history and business. This last point inspired us to create a service dedicated to employees who visit the city and need a driver who can adapt to their needs, but who can also guide them, advise them on timetables and provide them with a whole range of small services.

More than a chauffeur, a business chauffeur is a trusted partner for your business trips in Geneva.

If you have regular travel requirements, we can offer you a fully customised service for your company. This could be repeated airport transfers or any other transport requirement.

The advantage is that we can negotiate a contractual basis so that we can both anticipate the costs and hazards of transport.

Don’t leave your employees arriving in Geneva cope alone in the city jungle. With Réserver VTC Genève, you have a private driver who will take care of your staff throughout their journey.

From your head office to the hotel, via restaurants and meetings with clients, your staff will have a contact person on the spot for everything relating to their journey.

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Business private driver in Geneva

chauffeur vtc geneve pour entreprise business
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Luxury private chauffeur for your wedding in Geneva

vtc geneve haut de gamme pour mariage

Organising such an event isn’t always easy, but booking a luxury private chauffeur for your wedding in Geneva is. On the big day, we will put one or more limousines and expert chauffeurs at your disposal.

It is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and ensure greater security for all the participants, without having to worry about the human logistics involved in such an event.

As weddings are often themed, we have to adapt to each wedding to match the bride and groom’s choice. So we decorate our wedding limousines in Geneva according to your wishes and theme.

Quotes are free, so ask for one or more as soon as possible to make sure our chauffeurs are available.

The return shuttle service is a real asset to a successful party and allows the bride and groom and their guests to make the most of the wedding by providing shuttle services between the reception hall and the places where the guests are staying.

Our drivers are available on request for guests who want to leave the party and they come back to drive other guests to their home or hotel.

The second largest city in Switzerland and a city with a thousand years of history, Geneva is well worth a visit. Far from the common clichés, it is a city on a human scale, but with a rich heritage.

Our Geneva tour guides will take you on a private-driven car tour and tell you all about the city’s monuments, its history, its trendy spots and everything else that makes it the pearl of Lake Geneva.

It is said that the Swiss speak slowly, but our guides will have so much to tell you that they will have to speak faster. On request, we can organise a tour of Geneva for you and your family.

This is your chance to discover the Water Jet, the Old Town, St Pierre’s Cathedral, the Jardin Anglais, the headquarters of the United Nations and the Parc des Bastions.

Geneva is situated between lake and mountains, and this relief has allowed other cities to grow up around it, activities to flourish and landscapes to blossom.

At Réserver VTC Genève, we are proud of our diverse heritage and want you to discover it. With your cab chauffeur, you can discover the towns of Lake Geneva, the best places to eat, the best wine cellars and breathtaking landscapes.

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Geneva limousine tour guide

visite et tourisme vtc geneve